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The first photograph of a human being

The first photograph of a personality’s being by  LOUIS DAGUERRE.   This image, the earliest well-known photograph to incorporate a recognizable human kind, was taken in Paris, France, in 1838 by Louis Dagurre inventor of photography. The first photograph with human in question is standing within the bottom-left of the photograph, on the pavement by the curve within the road. he’s having his boots shined.  IMAGE: property right VIA WIKIPEDIA                                    “I have seized the light. I have arrested its flight.”      ...

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25 rare historical photos you must see

The best historical photos are the ones you can look at for hours at a time.Behind every picture from the past, there stands the past lives of thousands of our unknown ancestors.Here are just a few of these kinds of rare photograph. The Vizual collected 25 rare historical photos for you that are truly amazing.   25 rare historical photos :   #1. Filming the production logo for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. #2. Young women in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970s. #3. The Man That Refused To Give The Nazi Salute, 1936 #4. The last photo ever taken of a Thylacine, 1933. This species is now extinct. #5. Using a bear to treat back pain. Romania, 1946....

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20 weird pictures you’ll have to look twice

The Vizual gathered 20 of the most bewildering, yet fascinating, weird pictures that will make you look again.   ©   © gianmarco giudici   ©   © Sarah Lee   © Fabio Cucchi   © Ivan Slosar   © kübra karaçizmeli   © Takaki Watanabe   © Gaetano Manitta   © Khush Savjani   © Tom Magnum   © florian schaller   © Chloe Smith   © Eric F. Schetley   © Enrico Maniscalco   © Hugh Stickney   © Raccoon Photo   ©   © David Orias   © Alin Popescu     If you like...

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13 Famous Photos That Are Actually Fake

13 Famous Photos That Are Actually Fake These famous photos which are completely fake are surprising.The Web often surprises us with clever photo manipulations. Some users make fun of them; others just distrust them. Several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world while being completely fake. Nominee without a nomination © better-find   This is one of the oldest and most notorious viral photos of all time. It made a good deal of hullabaloo when it appeared on the Internet, yet it’s actually two unrelated pictures masterfully merged together. The irony is that it was National Geographic’s reputation that suffered the most from its appearance: the picture often had...

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FAUXTOGRAPHY, FAKE NEWS AND FLIMFLAM… WHAT THE “EFF” ARE WE DOING? by Lisa Hogben I am oscillating between amusement, loathing and pity at the moment at the very mention of the name Souvid Datta. Photojournalist Datta, has just been publicly outted for one of the most outrageous flimflams known in photography in the last decade. Amusement, mainly, because I know there must be a bunch of curatorial and editorial types and the people that they advise about who is going to be the next “IT” photographer that is worth awarding bundles of money to, must at this point be...

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